About us

Hello, hello, glad you made your way here! A couple of years into the renovation of our first home together, we thought it would be fitting to find a place to document our progress. We dove into the world of homeownership in late 2013 with some ambitious goals, lots of enthusiasm, and plenty of love. A couple of busted water lines and leaks later, we’re still here, and still loving every new project we tackle.

This blog is much more than an effort to stop blowing our families up with picture messages of us looking like badasses with power tools (we probably won’t stop doing that ever, sorry Mom). We’re here to share our experiences and mistakes, learn new things as we encounter new difficulties, and get your perspective as you go through this process with us. Even though we started as rookies in some of these projects, we’d like to think we can even share a few tips based on the results we’ve gotten so far. Plus, we each have our own strengths based on our backgrounds. Can we introduce ourselves? Thx. 🙂


about-us-lindsey-newLots of people laugh and make corn jokes when I mention I was born and raised in Iowa. But honestly, growing up with midwestern values not only taught me how to find creative ways to keep myself entertained as a kid but also taught me a lot about being a hard worker. From an early age I developed a passion for making things. I embraced the entrepreneurial spirit at age eight by trying to sell crappy but well-intentioned homemade potpourri, and shortly into adulthood I knew exactly how to hone in on that creative bug. As a former graphic designer and now full-time realtor, I’m passionate about helping my clients find homes with potential and brainstorming renovation ideas to make a space unique and functional. I also have a keen eye for staging and styling homes to ultimately increase a homeowners bottom line when selling. When I’m not scouring the MLS for new listings,  I love working with my hands in a number of ways – gardening, reinventing craigslist furniture and cutting hair (don’t worry I actually have a cosmetology license too).