Hi again! Back for post #2? Glad you made it. Just joining us? Check out our little intro here, and a little about who we are here.

Before we dive right into the (foolishly long) list of stuff we tried to accomplish on our move-in weekend, we thought it’d make some sense to give you all a tour of the house. The moment we first stepped foot in this house, we saw a really clear vision for every space in it, and hopefully we can start to get this vision across here. It’ll also be kinda fun to talk a little about a few of the things that were just totally grody about the house, both as a result from some awful early 2000’s remodeling, plus from sitting vacant for a year. As an aside, pardon the poor quality photos here…it was a pretty bonkers weekend when we moved, so we didn’t have a ton of time at this early stage to document. For this post we’ve borrowed pretty heavily from the pics we saw on the original listing, so you’ll essentially have the same experience as us in seeing it for the first time.




First Floor

There were two things we noticed right away when we came into the house:

1) It was a REALLY well-built early-20th Century home. Any of you who’ve seen a home from this era can probably attest to the craftsmanship back in this day. These guys weren’t messing around. Homes like this were built to last, and last they have, despite electrical work that we consider today to be super primitive and dangerous as hell. Like all houses of this era, the craftsmanship is most evident in the woodwork. There’s a really neat built-in cabinet in the dining room, and throughout the main level it features wide trim, unlike new homes these days and their chintzy little golden oak casing.

2) The wall between the dining room and the kitchen (pictured bottom-right above) needed to come down ASAP. We love cooking, entertaining, and otherwise just hanging out in our kitchen, and the craftsman galley-style just wouldn’t do. Much, much more on this project later. 🙂

Aside from those two details, the main level was generally…drab and weird. Carpeted living room and bedroom (beige, of course), pastel paint colors, and some pretty poor craftsmanship undertaken in the early 2000’s in attempt at some updates. Underneath all this, though, were the bones that make this house great – beautiful maple hardwood floors, solid original construction, and a workable floor plan that offered room for some customization.



Basement & 1/2 Story Attic

Likely unfinished when the home was built, the basement of the house stood in contrast to all of the great qualities we saw at the core of the main level. There were no cool built-in pieces, no wide trim, and come to think of it, not really any straight walls either. Srsly the wall of closets on the floor plan below is nothing resembling straight in real life. The basement also had a little forest of vines growing into it through an unfinished section of the walk out area that had encroached from the neighbor’s fence, and an all-around musty quality to it. Not the greatest first impression of this level, but again we had ideas for projects flowing from the get-go on our first walk through of the space.

The half story attic was a bit of the same story as the basement, with a few more positives. There were some water stains that indicated a leaky roof. Bummer, but leaks can be sealed. Again there was some not so great remodeling that had been done, complete with a ridiculously heavy-handed drywall mud texture technique. More details on this later, but let’s just say for now that it didn’t work for us. On the plus side, there was a really great exposed brick chimney running straight up through the room. It offered a cool visual, and acted as a nice divider for what we immediately thought could be an eventual master suite. The real beauty of this space was that we peeled back carpet in a few of the corners and found hardwood floors underneath. In general we’re pretty anti-carpet, so this was more great news!


This was a bit of a lightning tour, but hopefully you can get a sense of what we were dealing with. There was definitely some poor taste in the past, but the house has good bones, and we intend to uncover them while adding a little of our own touch. Many more photos to come that will give more context of each individual space, plus more on what our goals for this great little house are!

Next time, check out some of our hilariously over-ambitious goals of what we wanted to accomplish on just our first weekend alone. We still get to have a giggle about how crazy our ideas were for these first two days. Anyway, until next time!